The A54 WNMR (Automatyczne 54 Wielu Niezależnych Mech Rakiety, alternatively M54 MIMM, Multiple Independent Missile Mech) is a Polish prototype Battle Mech created in response to the Praereptor. It is armed with two self-rearming rocket pods on each shoulder, and is capable of autonomously firing 24 missiles at multiple targets simultaneously.


Poland was in relative safety at the time, not being attacked until 2357, when two independent groups of hostile forces stormed several cities, destroying much infrastructure and killing thousands of civilians. After such incidents, WZM S.A. was contracted by the government to produce a vehicle that could destroy the major weapons possessed by the aliens. Its chassis was based largely on the captured AL-20 railgun mech. The zł. 900,000,000 programme was finished on October 3rd that year.


The first prototype, named Mały Smierć, was issued to the Grupa Spadochroniarz, and thereafter deployed to Kraków. It immediately attracted hostile fire, and was quickly disabled by hostile fire, but this did not stop it from firing rockets and destroying several heavy vehicles. After its first combat, it was serviced by a field engineer before being attacked again. This time, supporting infantry managed to aid its survivability greatly, and it even managed to score two surface-to-air kills, also destroying an AL-30.

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