ABS Stinger

ABS Stinger fires missiles at USS Nimitz.

ABS Stinger is a flight-capable Praereptor missile warship. For all gameplay purposes, it is also considered a Boss Unit. In addition to its huge missile battery, it also carries drone pods which launch dedicated seeker drones against hostiles, and possesses a radar-jamming force field.


ABS Stinger landed in the Pacific Ocean alongside ABS Mayhem on September 12, 2340, 50 miles in front of a mobilized battle fleet. After a tense hour-long confrontation between the sides, Stinger fired two missiles at USS Blumenfield, severely damaging its engine power and causing the fleet to retreat. Nine hours later, several groups were sent to attack the warships; after the loss of numerous destroyers, USS Justin Jones destroyed Mayhem by firing large numbers of BGM-109E Super Tomahawk missiles at it. Stinger, however, successfully escaped by submerging, deploying a force field to trap the group as it escaped.

A U-2 was deployed to search for it on the 14th of September: after five hours of flight, it spotted the craft, which attempted unsuccessfully to shoot down the reconnaissance aircraft. Even before the aircraft's escape, Stinger came under harrassment from air strikes, which dealt heavy damage to its hull.


ABS Stinger is an AI-exclusive unit which spends most of its time floating around in large bodies of water, not doing much unless provoked. Sounding a horn at it will cause it to fire a large shockwave in the water as a warning to leave; anything else, such as firing anywhere near it, surrounding it, or flying aircraft over it will turn it hostile, firing at anything considered to be a threat.

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