• US Assault

    My Campaign Idea

    December 2, 2012 by US Assault

    This is my idea for a campaign.

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  • US Assault

    New Game Modes

    September 1, 2012 by US Assault

    HTIF is proud to present to you a number of new game modes.

    There is a certain area marked by a flag. Teams must stay near it to increase their score. Allies will speed up score gain but enemies will slow it down. Whichever team has more players near the flag will gain points.

    Players team up to attack a choice of either machines, zombies or enemy soldiers. They must try to survive as long as possible.

    Players split into teams to either attack or defend a WMD. The defenders win if a CPU and indestructible aircraft manages to evacuate the WMD and the players, and the attackers win if they can detonate the WMD.

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  • Razgriz Ghost

    Not Finished

    This is my second campaign. It can't be used for the competition and can't be copied. Note that none of my campaigns are entries for the competition; I host the competition. It is based on a newcoming SEAL Team Six member (callsign Nomad), who takes part in a training/test mission, and then takes part in dangerous missions around the globe.

    John "Nomad" Walker - A US SEAL Team Six member, the main protagonist of the game, and the player. He is usually armed with an M4A1 with a grenade launcher, an M1911, a radio, three fragmentation grenades, and an FGM-148 Javelin.

    David "Warhammer" Carter - A US SEAL Team Six member, and a close friend with Nomad. He frequently flies on Close Air Support missions. He is first seen on First Bandit…

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  • Razgriz Ghost

    My Campaign Idea

    July 28, 2012 by Razgriz Ghost

    This is my campaign. It cannot be used as an entry for my competition, and cannot be copied.

    Player - Misfit | Minor injuries on M5 | Shot down on M6 - Bailed out successfully | Shot down on M7 - Bailed out successfully | Hit by earthquake on M10 | Used in all missions | Hit by V-BIED on M9 - Still operational | Destroyed by V-BIED on M15 - Bailed out safely.

    Gecko 1 and 2 - Crew members of a B-2 Spirit | Shot down M6 - Bailed out successfully.

    Copperhead 1 and 2 - Crew members of F/A-18F Super Hornet.

    Falcon | Hit by earthquake on M10.

    Chaffee | Headshot on M10 - Mild Injuries - Recovers by M12.

    Vipre | Killed by V-BIED on M9.

    Bolt - Random US Marine

    "It was determined by a scout. The SLEF was now waging a battle against the world."

    -Gecko 2, whi…

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  • DoomFangMan

    My Campain Idea

    July 26, 2012 by DoomFangMan

    Alright, this is my idea:

    There is a rumor going round the USA that the president will be assassinated. The CIA is told to investigate the rumor. You are part of the special force that is investigating it. There is a video showing all this, which goes like this:
    Americans talking about the rumor
    The President making a speech about the rumor
    The head of the CIA giving you the mission brief:
    "As you all know, a rumor has been going around about the president being assassinated. The CIA has been told to investigate the rumors. We want you to investigate them. We belive it is the KGB that are planning to, as we have traced the rumors to an old man, living in Sacramento, California. He is called Aleksandr Anzhela, and he used to work for the KGB. I want you to…

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  • Razgriz Ghost

    Yes, that's right! If you have the skill to make a high-quality campaign. Your campaign does not have to be built, just planned.

    • Videos - At least one every two missions. These videos do not need to be recorded, just planned out as precisely as possible.
    • Missions - Every mission has to involve the player having a task, with the possible exception of a training mission.
    • Outcome - Which countries win the war? Which surrender?
    • Plot - What happens in the war, and in each induvidual mission.
    • Major Characters - Every character needs to have a role, position/squad (for example, driver of the player tank, Victor 7), and status reports (include as many of them as they happen during the campaign) (including KIA, MIA, Injured, Crashed/Destroyed, and Captu…

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  • Razgriz Ghost

    How to post:

    • Make your own picture - digital art, drawing, I don't particularly care, as long as it is your own work.
    • Add a name and stats. It is advised that you do not make the unit overpowered, because that will make it unlikely to win.
    • Decide your prize, a free copy of WIS and any expansion pack, or £500 million for World of War.
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