Game Mechanics for campaigns determine how campaigns function during their playback and when creating them.

Campaign PathsEdit

Nonlinear Event Art
Campaigns can be made in two types: linear and nonlinear. Linear campaigns follow a storyline in a similar way to normal stories, while nonlinear ones can have branching in any level, in addition to player-determined or randomized choices. When using a nonlinear style, the following conditions may be used to determine a path:
  • Random chance.
  • Direct input, within actual gameplay or a cutscene.
  • Survival of a specific unit.
  • Survival of at least, at most, a specific number or NOT a number of units in a group.
  • Health of a unit, or combined health of several units.
  • Deployment of a weapon, or a number of weapons.
  • Answer to a given question, via either physical display or radio chatter. The answer itself is usually given by pressing a button.

These can then be linked to persistent variables, which can be used to decide the levels, the plot, the character set, or simply how the game is played.

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