Challenges are a system which require players to perform either level-based or passive challenges within World of War, providing players with opportunities to unlock items such as units, weapons, money and experience. Each challenge also awards an achievement. They are divided into six sections depending on their difficulty: Tier X is by far the hardest and near impossible, Tier I is still significantly difficult, while Tier V challenges are trivial. Tier III is a regular difficulty.

The events within challenges are not considered canonical.

Confirmed ChallengesEdit

Tier X (Deathwish)Edit

  • Aerial Fleet: Hardcore - Destroy the entire Aerial Fleet with radar disabled.
  • Zero - Use any aircraft to destroy all drones. They are extremely manoeuvrable, and will easily exploit player errors. Obliterator also appears in this challenge, and if shot down, the AOF-01 "Zero" will be unlocked for use.
  • Survival X - Use any aircraft with severely limited ammo to survive fifty waves of highly advanced hostiles. No respawning.

Tier I (Extreme)Edit

Tier II (Hard)Edit

  • Annihilation - Operate a rogue MQ-9 Reaper to annihilate New York before a response squadron arrives to destroy your aircraft.
  • Stealth Intercept: Hardcore - Complete the Stealth Intercept Emergency Sortie with radar disabled.
  • F-104 Starfighter: Intercept a large attacking force of bombers with the F-104 Starfighter. Unlocks the F-104.

Tier III (Normal)Edit

  • Massacre - Destroy 20 units at once. Unlocks the A-10 "Victor". (Passive Challenge)

Tier V (Trivial)Edit

  • Survival V - Use any aircraft to destroy one wave of weak fighters. No respawning.


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