The Developer Kit, shortened to Devkit, is a program that allows people to create their own content for World of War. It allows the creation of units, weapons, outfits, and campaigns with specialised graphics and a personalised heads-up display.

The Devkit requires a HTIF account to use, and must be purchased, but it is separate from World of War and does require ownership of said game to be utilised.


The full Developer Kit comes with the following:

  • A short open-source single-player campaign.
  • A short open-source multiplayer campaign.
  • A sample pistol and knife.
  • A sample plane, boat, car, and tank.
  • A module which allows various programming languages to be implemented to the game.
  • A map builder, capable of areas of up to 10km x 10km x 2km (expected).
  • A mission editor which accepts cutscenes, scripted events, and custom weapons.
  • A campaign editor.
  • A license to commercially publish works, with rights agreed on a per user basis with HTIF (expected).
    • Independent game publishing rights, also agreed on a user-to-user basis with HTIF.

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