An Emergency Sortie is a rare and special co-op mission which occurs after a pre-chosen mission, in the lobby. It is high-priority and gives high-risk, high-reward style gameplay. Many are also required for challenges.


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This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.
  • Search for the Demon - Search for and destroy the hostile B-2 Spirit, re-armed for air-to-air combat. No respawning.
  • Nimitz - Destroy the hostile supercarrier.
  • Shadow Nimitz - Destroy the shadow supercarrier, armed with cruise missiles and stealth capabilities.
  • Dogfight - Destroy all hostile fighters in a large scale dogfight. No respawning.
  • Stealth Intercept - Destroy all supersonic stealth bombers before they destroy the allied ground forces.
  • Ministry Escort - Defend a VIP craft from a randomly generated force of enemies, including a random miniboss unit.

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