The Entwicklung Series was a German attempt at creating a standard series of tanks. There were six tanks in the series.


The E-5 was intended to be the basis of light tanks, reconnaissance vehicles, tank destroyers and personnel carriers.


The E-10 was going to be the basis of slightly heavier, but still light, tanks, tank destroyers and the Waffentrager.


The E-25 was to be the standard light-medium tank, to replace the Panzer III and Panzer IV. It would be the basis of medium reconnaissance vehicles, medium tank destroyers and heavier Waffentrager.


The E-50 was to be the standard medium tank, replacing the Tiger I and Panther I.


This was going to be the standard heavy tank, replacing the Tiger II and Jagdtiger. It would share components and production lines with the E-50.


The E-100 was to be the standard super-heavy tank, like the Maus. It would have the same turret as the Maus, and a similar gun.