"Ghost" was the result of an incident which occurred on May 13, 2049, in which a US Marine, "Bob Santel", was brutally killed by the internal mechanism of a MZ-10 mech.


Santel was in hiding from superiors for his continued defection, oftentimes destroying the team's own equipment for his ideological disbeliefs in war. At an unknown time on the 13th, he set foot in a US Army compound, with a number of mechs set up for operation. Realising he was unable to flee and would get killed if he was spotted, he sought refuge in an MZ-10. Unfortunately, shortly after he entered the vehicle, it activated, and its mechanisms crushed his body, killing him. The vehicle continued its operation as normal, and the incident was not noticed until maintenance after it finished its four-hour patrol.


The vehicle's AI was reconfigured entirely. It was given a "voice" strongly representing that of Santel, and it has been given much more skill, and a method of combat similar to his personality. "Ghost" is also remembered for Santel, and his remains still exist within the vehicle. The blood stains also remain preserved.

However, after a number of years, "Ghost" itself had defected under mysterious circumstances.

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