German KV-1

A KV-1 captured by Germany.

The Kliment Voroshilov (KV) series was a Soviet Heavy Tank series used mainly in the the Second World War. Many of the KV tanks were used in WWII and a few used in the winter war. Most had extremely heavy armour. There were many vehicle models in the KV series:

  • KV-1
    • Model 1939 - First KV tank
    • Model 1940 - New gun and mantlet
    • Model 1940 s ekranami - Model 1940 with screens
    • Model 1941 - More armour and better gun
    • Model 1942 - Even more armour and better engine
      • KV-1S - Model 1942 made with less armour and an even more powerful engine for good mobility, along with the 122mm D2-5T
  • KV-2 - Heavy artillery tank with 152mm howitzer and notably larger turret that other KV models.
  • KV-3 - Experimental prototype based on KV-1
  • KV-4 - Pre-prototype super-heavy tank
  • KV-5 - Pre-prototype heavy tank
  • KV-6 - Experimental flame tank based on KV-1
  • KV-8 - Flame tank with machine gun on the side. Made to look like KV-1
    • KV-8S - KV-8 variant based on KV-1S
    • KV-8M - KV-8 with two flamethrowers
  • KV-9 - KV-1 with different gun
  • KV-10 - KV-1S with 4 rocket launchers on the back
  • KV-12 - Experimental chemical tank with 4 external toxin tanks
  • KV-13 - Prototype of medium tank
    • IS Model 2 - KV-13 with KV-9 turret and armament
  • KV-14 - Tank destroyer, renamed SU-152
  • KV-85 - KV-1S with new turret and gun
    • KV-85G - KV-1S with new gun
    • KV-152 - KV-1S with new gun
    • KV-100 - KV-1S with new gun
    • KV-122 - KV-1S with new gun
  • T-150 - KV-1 with more armour and a new engine
  • KV-220 - Experimental tank based on KV-1
  • KV-222 - Experimental tank based on KV-1

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