Aircraft Landing At Nellis Red Flag 14-102:44

Aircraft Landing At Nellis Red Flag 14-1

A variety of aircraft landing.

Landing is a procedure that brings an aircraft onto ground via an airbase. It allows for the aircraft to be stopped safely, while allowing crew to debrief and maintenance to inspect the aircraft.


While the procedure varies for different aircraft, it generally goes as such:

  1. Intermediate Approach: The aircraft takes into account wind conditions and runway length.
  2. Landing Authorization from Air Traffic Control.
  3. Final Approach: VFR checks are performed.
  4. Stabilized Approach: The crew checks to ensure that their aircraft's airspeed does not go under VREF, and does not go more than 10 knots above it. The rate of descent should not exceed 500 feet per minute.[1]
  • Touchdown.
  • Taxi back to the intended terminal.


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