British Police Firearms Unit
Law Enforcement
is an organisation type in World of War. They are mainly made up of AI units. They have a special function in Free Roam, where they will respond to various offences.


  • If anyone not in the armed forces walks with a firearm in public, causes civilian damage, breaks a window, causes general violence, or activates an alarm system, police will be dispatched to search for them. If not found, the police will call off the search. At this point, a neutral player may help identify the offender for the police.
  • If they do identify them, they will order the offender to stand down. If they comply and get arrested, they will be sent to the nearest police station.
  • Resistance will cause police to pull out a firearm and threaten the offender once more to stand down. Failure to comply will result in shots being fired as a means of obtaining compliance.
  • Firing/aiming at a police officer or armed robbery will cause them to act more aggressively, and SWAT will begin to appear.
  • Continuing to resist arrest will cause the police to go all-in, and send undercover vehicles.
  • If someone commits a crime that attracts military attention, police will stop appearing.


  • Law Enforcement varies in skill and equipment depending on the location.

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