The Mission Builder is a feature which allows the player to make individual missions.

Mission TypeEdit

There are two Mission Types for each mission, which dictate what kind of operation is being carried out. The primary Type is blunt, and explains the generic situation. There are three of them:

  • Attack - the player's team is attacking the enemy's team, creating an advantageous situation
    • Opportunity - situation starts with the appearance of a high-value target or large formation of enemies.
  • Skirmish - no element of surprise for either team
  • High Importance - negative element of surprise, or a highly vital mission; for example, an objective is being attacked or a VIP must be transported

The secondary Types are more specific, and include:

  • Raid (offensive)
  • Raid (defensive)
  • Escort
  • Intercept
  • Firefight (this includes dogfights)
  • Encounter


Waypoints are marked positions which mark events for units and the general direction to travel. Events include:

  • Spawn of a new unit
  • Scripted damage
  • Scripted destruction
  • Scripted crash into terrain, another unit, or structure
  • Route
  • Cutscene
  • Change of controlled unit
  • Change in skill
  • Become mortal/invincible
  • Mission update
  • Jettison


Each unit has a set skill which designates its difficulty in engaging. This may include:

  • None (the unit travels in its path, completely oblivious to its surroundings)
  • Low (the unit will perform very basic manoeuvres)
  • Medium (the unit performs some evasive manoeuvres)
  • High (the unit performs semi-advanced manouevres)
  • Ace (the unit turns nearly constantly, and performs the occasional high-G turn)
  • AI (the unit performs high-G turns often, and is near impossible to destroy barring scripted events)
  • Custom (certain parameters need to be altered)
    • Parameters include Evasion, Manouevres, Health, Rear Fire, High-G Turns, and Countermeasures.


Each unit can have its loadout altered. Low, medium and high-skilled units are restricted to realistic loads (with the exception of unlimited ammunition), while Ace and AI aircraft can use any loadout, which can even include an unfeasibly heavy weapon.


Dialogue can be given to units. They can be altered with parameters to only talk while alive or after a certain event.

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