Random Events are a type of event that occur only in World Domination Mode. They only trigger when a player is close to them, and have a specific ruleset and chance. Any number of players can help out, and they will all get a reward for their efforts.


  • Rescue - Players with a transport helicopter or personnel carrier attempt to rescue between one and five soldiers from a given location. The number will always be at least the number of players. Safely returning the personnel to their requested location grants each player a free crew member.
  • Search and Rescue - Like Rescue, but players are only given the mission itself and not the evacuees' location. Can only be done with a helicopter. Safely collecting the personnel grants each player a free crew member.
  • Vehicle Alight - A vehicle is on fire with crew members trapped inside. Rescuing the crew grants each player money. Putting out the fire additionally grants each player a free vehicle of the kind saved, even if not yet researched. Blowing up the vehicle grants a friendly fire warning.
  • Escort - A transport plane or helicopter (depending on the player's vehicle) appears on the map, and falls under attack by hostile aircraft. Protecting the transport until it reaches its destination grants money to each player.

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