Second Attack on Pearl Harbor

Icicle 1 watching the first Tu-95 wave.

The Second Attack on Pearl Harbor was conducted by Corporate Republic against Pearl Harbor on 18 May 2056. It was a surprise attack, though not as much so as the original attack, resulting in much fewer casualties. It also led directly to World War III.


At 0400 hours on 18 May, Kōngxí launched a squadron of four J-20 fighters to intercept the path of twelve passing Tu-95 Bears, escorting them to within 200 miles of Pearl Harbor. At this time, four of the Bears launched their complete salvo of twelve Kh-101 cruise missiles, aiming at various US ships docked at the time, before breaking away from the squadron. Within 50 miles, USS Nimitz, operating some distance away, spotted the strike group and immediately scrambled four F-35B's from Antler and Mantis squadrons to intercept them. The intercept failed, and they were immediately engaged. Three fought until they ran out of ammunition, while another was heavily damaged and was forced to make an emergency landing. Upon arrival, the bombers continued attacking the fleet which had already been hit by the missiles, bombing the runway and every other ship. Many F-15's were launched, most of which were shot down. The aircraft, save for a lone J-20, departed at 0900 hours.

Exactly five minutes later, four Su-33's came in a swift second wave to bounce the aircraft which were attempting to take off. Two F-15 Eagles were lost while lifting off the runway, returning in a fireball, killing both pilots.

It was only at 0920, when a H-6 squadron started bombing the area, that the Harbor's only F-22 Raptor was launched. Already struck by the runway, it achieved several kills. However, the bombers were too powerful and the airbase was completely destroyed by bombs. After a final attempt to sink the remaining ships, an unidentified squadron of F-14I Hyper Tomcat interceptors arrived, instantly destroying all attacking aircraft. The US squadrons were all low on fuel, and without an airbase to land on, four KC-10A's were sent to refuel the aircraft, escorted by the F-14I's. Their pilots were later held for questioning.

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