Supply Drop (new 2)

Supply Drop is an ability usable by all transport aircraft. It allows said aircraft to drop Supply Crates by parachute.


The Supply Drop allows transport aircraft to deploy Supply Crates. It should be noted that the crates do take up space in the aircraft, and need space to deploy, especially in the case of fixed-wing air transports.

Ability TypesEdit

The transport craft drops a crate which reveals a vehicle when opened. The player must have researched the vehicle to use it, and only Armoured Vehicles may be used.

The transport craft deploys a crate with ammunition in it. There is enough to fully supply ten weapons, and the boxes of ammo become invalid after this, or after 500 bullets are supplied.

The transport craft deploys a crate with two random weapons in it. One may be a pistol, sniper rifle or launcher and the other may be a submachine gun, assault rifle or launcher. There will never be two launchers in one crate.

The transport craft deploys a crate containing Juggernaut Armour, which can only be deployed once the battle exceeds 15 minutes, and one player has the Juggernaut Specialization. The suit is extremely durable, surviving extremely large amounts of damage.

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