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    Not Finished

    This is my second campaign. It can't be used for the competition and can't be copied. Note that none of my campaigns are entries for the competition; I host the competition. It is based on a newcoming SEAL Team Six member (callsign Nomad), who takes part in a training/test mission, and then takes part in dangerous missions around the globe.

    John "Nomad" Walker - A US SEAL Team Six member, the main protagonist of the game, and the player. He is usually armed with an M4A1 with a grenade launcher, an M1911, a radio, three fragmentation grenades, and an FGM-148 Javelin.

    David "Warhammer" Carter - A US SEAL Team Six member, and a close friend with Nomad. He frequently flies on Close Air Support missions. He is first seen on First Bandit…

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    My Campaign Idea

    July 28, 2012 by Razgriz Ghost

    This is my campaign. It cannot be used as an entry for my competition, and cannot be copied.

    Player - Misfit | Minor injuries on M5 | Shot down on M6 - Bailed out successfully | Shot down on M7 - Bailed out successfully | Hit by earthquake on M10 | Used in all missions | Hit by V-BIED on M9 - Still operational | Destroyed by V-BIED on M15 - Bailed out safely.

    Gecko 1 and 2 - Crew members of a B-2 Spirit | Shot down M6 - Bailed out successfully.

    Copperhead 1 and 2 - Crew members of F/A-18F Super Hornet.

    Falcon | Hit by earthquake on M10.

    Chaffee | Headshot on M10 - Mild Injuries - Recovers by M12.

    Vipre | Killed by V-BIED on M9.

    Bolt - Random US Marine

    "It was determined by a scout. The SLEF was now waging a battle against the world."

    -Gecko 2, whi…

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    Yes, that's right! If you have the skill to make a high-quality campaign. Your campaign does not have to be built, just planned.

    • Videos - At least one every two missions. These videos do not need to be recorded, just planned out as precisely as possible.
    • Missions - Every mission has to involve the player having a task, with the possible exception of a training mission.
    • Outcome - Which countries win the war? Which surrender?
    • Plot - What happens in the war, and in each induvidual mission.
    • Major Characters - Every character needs to have a role, position/squad (for example, driver of the player tank, Victor 7), and status reports (include as many of them as they happen during the campaign) (including KIA, MIA, Injured, Crashed/Destroyed, and Captu…

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    How to post:

    • Make your own picture - digital art, drawing, I don't particularly care, as long as it is your own work.
    • Add a name and stats. It is advised that you do not make the unit overpowered, because that will make it unlikely to win.
    • Decide your prize, a free copy of WIS and any expansion pack, or £500 million for World of War.
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