WAD will be based entirely around armoured vehicles

World Armoured Division is a major game within the World of War superproject. It will be the only one based entirely on armoured vehicles.


World Armoured Division is a project in World of War. It is dedicated to armoured warfare, from the first catapults and ballistae known to the first tanks, built in 1916 by the British Army, to all modern-day military favourites and legends. Depending on which faction the player chooses to start as (which can always be changed later), the player will start with an M4 Sherman, Sherman Firefly, an AMX-40, a Panzer III, or a T-28.

Ranking UpEdit

The player acquires different materials by collecting them. Players can do this by standing near a good source of material other than a still operating unit or weapon. Players wait a few seconds to capture the material, and collect it. Some bases like those near ore mines have vehicles automatically collecting material and putting it in the base. Players can use these materials either to build hulls and chassis, or to build modules, which can either be used to build a new vehicle, or to equip on an already bought vehicles.

In order to research new units, the player needs to buy the blueprint for the units type, and then the units class.

All units have their own technological tree. Building a module requires that the player has researched it in the tree. When a units class is researched, it will appear in the technological tree.

Special unit classes and types (military trains, battle mechs, and similar classes) do not have any place in the tech tree and are unlocked through different achievements and then bought.


The main game modes are played in multiplayer, and all units can be used, although there are some restrictions on certain game modes. Players get a server-construction token every day, and can use these to make their own server (they can also buy server-construction tokens online).

Server OptionsEdit

  • Number of Sides - The number of teams fighting in the war. Not to be confused with Team Placement.
  • Team Placement - Here you place the countries you want to fight in the teams.
  • Time Restrictions - Here you put restrictions on units and weapons from the past, present and future. For example, you could put only to allow weapons that have already been prototyped and/or built.
  • Special Restrictions - Here you put special restrictions on the units and weapons.
  • Rules - Make the rules.
  • Map - Choose a pre-set map, or use a globe to choose a position.
  • Team Spawns - Choose the co-ordinates where each team spawns, and what sort of place it is, for example at 5763, 3561 on an amphibious assault ship.

Afterwards, confirm the creation of the server and that you agree to spend one server-construction token.