"Welcome to the WoW Wiki! I hope you enjoy it!" -Razgriz Ghost

The World of War Wiki is part of a group of game simulators currently in designing by HTIF. You are free to fix grammar mistakes in any way, and share your knowledge with any of the units, weapons and other publicly known items, but please don't tamper with other bits of information.

Since the user Razgriz Ghost created this wiki and the World Of War Wiki:SEO page was made on 20:40, December 3, 2011 in the history, after a shaky start and a recovery from a main-page vandal, this wiki has gained itself 1,739 pages, and it is thought that there may be as many more as 500,000 pages to come, and that's just with the real-world information. There are also many dozens of pages to be made about the game itself, with Unlock System being just one of them.

Although this wiki is about warfare, military transports are generally acceptable on this wiki, as they aid in the battlefield. Also, please remember that the game won't be the same as Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Good luck on the wiki battlefield, soldier!

What This Wiki is NotEdit

A BattlefieldEdit

This wiki is not a place for edit warring: it describes a warfare game, but that is no excuse.

Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaEdit

This wiki shares similar features with the project, but it is not as large and is not hosted by the WikiMedia Foundation; it is owned by Wikia instead.

A Direct MediaWiki ProjectEdit

Wikia edited some of MediaWiki, for example to give new styles to wiki. This is still true when you change your preferences of appearance from New Wikia Look to Monobook.

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